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Social Book Marking :- Your blog or Web site to add the social bookmark binds so that the readers save this easy and makes him part of your contents.This social tool of bookmark, TopRank is or how you can place your blog to show some same services of Bookmaring. Order your visitors on your site while clicking on the mouse to place a reference mark at the public automatically to allow the best social services of reference mark in your Web page to add bonds to the social use of manuscript of icons of reference mark.

The text and the bond there too, including options of a menu drop-down that the space of display screen are preserved for the acquisition of the reference marks of the purchases maintain this week, and one of the other service of reference mark with strong rumours, we thought that this time how the social space of reference mark nowadays to reflect on the size to the top was acquired.

The social number of bookmarking locates last year, perhaps a new place to start some where on the tide will burst. If you are new with the social site of network management of social network management that each one is different, with various interests attract a different assistance.

The social reference marks so that the Net surfers store a method to organize research, and this association collective and the assistance of the meta-data in the form of labels, often with management on the reference marks of Web page of Internet are in collaboration Folksonomy. , Of social labelling of Folksonomy by what many users of the key words bus of the meta-data to share the process to add the contents are called a social system bookmarking, users of the Web page must remember and/or to divide want to save the bond.

These reference marks generally, are deprived and the public can be saved, specify the people or of the groups, a certain network, or a public sector and deprived and only in combination with the communal ground is shared. It also chose to see the reference marks of a label related to, effective and the user the 'reference marks of S, which include information on the number. Social Bookmarking also maintains the report/ratio the labels to create beams of the labels or reference marks to draw Inferences.









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